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StraightArrow is HubSpot's Newest Platinum Partner!

Written by: Lorraine Soldevilla
November 17, 2015 • 4-minute read

StraightArrow is HubSpot's Newest Platinum Partner!

The bells aren't ringing yet, but we’re delighted to receive our early back-to-back Christmas gifts! After winning HubSpot's Happiest Clients Award, the Philippines’ premier creative process outsourcing pioneer StraightArrow Corporation (StraightArrow) is proud to announce that we’re now a certified HubSpot Platinum Partner.

The Partner Tier program is designed to recognize Agency Partners who have implemented inbound marketing services and strategies to the highest standards. HubSpot measures this through a combination of metrics, including monthly recurring revenue (MRR) acquired and managed, software engagement, and inbound marketing results.

Partners can move up to silver, gold, platinum and diamond levels once they have fulfilled requirements and standards for each level. To reach Platinum Tier, an agency partner has to meet different performance goals for customer retention, MRR, sales, and overall marketing performance. These goals can be accomplished by any company through commitment and expertise.

StraightArrow has been able to not just meet, but even exceed expectations by continuously delivering marketing success for our satisfied clients, as evidenced by our Happiest Clients Award. Moreover, our talented team of creative professionals has made it possible for us to reach another legendary milestone within the same year by becoming the newest Platinum Partner.

Being a Platinum Partner, StraightArrow earns indispensable benefits that can empower our creative process outsourcing to take growing business to the next level. One of the bonuses is having a strengthened support system from StraightArrow and HubSpot's partnership that will definitely be shared with our Clients to help us supercharge marketing and scale for growth. Other partner-tier benefits include a dedicated agency page on HubSpot’s website, direct discourse with the HubSpot Sales Team, and mergers and acquisitions match-making services. Tapping into these value-added resources helps us streamline our marketing efforts to bridge the gap between our Clients and their business goals.

Ensuring that everyone on the team is a certified HubSpot user and trained in inbound marketing methodology, we combine creativity and technical skills to come up with strategies and outputs that will boost our Clients’ brand and establish relationship with their target audience.

Actively participating in the country’s marketing industry, StraightArrow also hosted the first HubSpot User Group event in the Philippines as part of the worldwide celebration of Inbound Marketing Week. The event facilitated the lively exchange of ideas by both international and Filipino marketers on the revolutionary approach of inbound marketing to nurture customers and increase business sales.

HubSpot Channel Account Manager Mads Nielsen attest to StraightArrow's consistently exceptional work: "It's always great to see our partners have such great success on HubSpot, and it validates the work we do. Lila and the team at StraightArrow do amazing work for both their clients and our partners, and this milestone is very well deserved!"

We're truly honored to have ascended from Gold to Platinum Partner tier, since there are only less than 50 platinum partners in the world — and to date, StraightArrow is the only Platinum Partner in Southeast Asia! We’d like to thank our clients who have helped us get to this tier. It’s through clear communication, meaningful cooperation and teamwork that we were able to let our clients enjoy the best that effective inbound marketing strategies can offer.

Contact StraightArrow and let’s talk about your business today. Find out how we can support the execution of your inbound marketing campaigns with our award-winning creative process outsourcing services.

Lorraine Soldevilla
Lorraine Soldevilla
When StraightArrow Alum Lorraine's not busy blogging and playing online games, she sails off to the world of books and poetry.



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