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The Best Email Marketing Tools & Services For Outsourcing in 2017

Posted by Neah Bejado - August 2, 2017 • 9-minute read
Every business has different email marketing needs. And whether you’re just starting out with email automation software or are a longtime user, you’ve probably wondered which one provides the best email marketing services. But at each turn you’re confounded: some sport more features, others are easier to use, and some are, well, free.

Topics: Digital Marketing, Marketing Tools

HubSpot Migration: Why and How to Move Your Website

Posted by Louie Gerodiaz - July 9, 2017 • 4-minute read

In developing a company website, the key to success is identifying essential functionalities acquiring them as quickly and efficiently as possible. Usability, performance, and other technical factors are fundamental, but for business purposes, your site should also have workflow automation, social media integration, and similar functions.

Topics: Web Development, Marketing Tools

Professional vs Personal: Blurring the Lines with Social Networks

Posted by Danielle Landero - May 24, 2017 • 6-minute read

Most people would be quick to tell you to keep your personal life separate from your professional life. The same advice mostly holds in social media: the farthest most brands take “personal” is posting supposedly candid shots to highlight company culture or show that they’re, so to speak, human.

These people would argue that compartmentalisation is the key to keeping work and the rest of life in balance. But if that were so, why are most of the social media sites for business just personal social networks that corporations choose to set up shop in? In fact, beyond LinkedIn, it’s difficult to name a network that seems more business than personal.

Topics: Digital Marketing, Marketing Tools

Growth-Driven Design: Examining Its Mindset and Method

Posted by Ari Santiago - May 22, 2017 • 5-minute read

“Traditional web design is broken.”

You’ll see this a lot on websites promoting what’s often called “growth-driven design” or GDD, an apparently new take on web development pioneered by Luke Summerfield and evangelized by HubSpot.

If this looks suspicious at first glance, well, your misgivings aren’t misplaced. After all, it’s pretty convenient for a marketer or agency to claim something’s broken right when they have the solution for it.

On the other hand, if you’ve ever undertaken the (re)design of a website, you’d probably agree with much of their critique: traditional methods take long, rarely stay within budget, and rely too much on guesswork.

Topics: Digital Marketing, Marketing Tools

Messengers, Snapchat, and Copycats: Marketing Platforms of 2017

Posted by Ari Santiago - May 18, 2017 • 7-minute read

There’s been growing interest in content decentralisation in recent years, with brands scrambling for attention on old, increasingly saturated channels. With each year, there come new platforms, which marketers can bend to their ends, or new ideas on taking old platforms and drumming up interest on them. What remains the same is the question: which digital marketing platforms are poised to rule the year?

Topics: Digital Marketing News, Marketing Tools

HubSpot Inbound 2016: Sales Takeaways

Posted by Isabel Sanchez - December 16, 2016 • 6-minute read

It’s been almost a month since StraightArrow’s trip to HubSpot Inbound 2016. The rush of the event may be over but the learning and practice of inbound never stop. As a business development and client relationship manager for StraightArrow’s HubSpot clients, I went to Inbound this year with the goal of immersing myself in inbound sales, extending my knowledge of the HubSpot software, and also getting a chance to meet my clients. I would say that I definitely covered all of that. Bringing home these new experiences gave me the motivation to become a more effective sales rep.

Topics: Digital Marketing, Marketing Tools

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