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YouTube vs. Facebook: Vying for Video Marketing Dominance

Posted by Steph Ferrer - December 8, 2016 • 6-minute read

The lines separating Youtube and Facebook are slowly becoming blurred. The former is a video-sharing platform, while the latter is a social network, but recently each one has been dipping its toes in the other’s waters. And as consumers’ interest in social media and video overlap, marketers are turning to video to draw their leads closer. And so, the battle for the best social video platform has begun.

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StraightArrow Wins HubSpot Happiest Customers Award for Asia

Posted by Ari Santiago - November 10, 2016 • 4-minute read

For the second year running, StraightArrow has won HubSpot’s Happiest Customers Award, this time earning the distinction for the Asia Pacific region. This year, however, StraightArrow receives the award—bestowed unto HubSpot partners based on projections of customer success based on app usage metrics—as a HubSpot platinum partner.

Topics: Company News, Marketing Tools

The Very Best? A Review of Inbound Marketing Tools

Posted by Ari Santiago - October 27, 2016 • 7-minute read

One major aspect of inbound marketing is its technological turn. There is no shortage of marketing tools: they come with a variety of functions at different price points, so that canny marketers can always find something to sharpen their edge. Trying to go through all those tools can take quite some time, though, and busy marketers might end up, ironically, stymied by the number of options.

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Brand New: How We Gave AMBA a Makeover

Posted by Mikael Angelo Francisco - September 30, 2016 • 4-minute read


The one constant in life is change. For a marketing agency to stay ahead in the branding game, change shouldn’t just be acknowledged — it needs to be embraced.

Topics: Creative Design, Marketing Tools

How to Get People to Read Your Blog: Skimmable Content

Posted by Ari Santiago - September 13, 2016 • 8-minute read

A lot of social commentary these days argues that people these days have shorter attention spans. The results of HubSpot’s Consumer Behaviour Survey for Q1 2016 seem to agree: when asked to describe their content consumption habits, respondents only cited two forms out of ten that they “consume thoroughly” (i.e. read, watch, or listen from start to finish) as a habit.

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Let your Business Thrive in Today’s Market by Growing with HubSpot

Posted by Timmy Pedrosa - June 11, 2016 • 2-minute read

Whether you’re a newbie inbound practitioner, an agency partner or a CEO, you will benefit tremendously from knowing how to effectively marketing your company to the world through the fast-paced, global medium known as the Internet.

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